For myself I can say that I deal with fishing since I've been 12 years of age. That was my first meet with this sport. I have fished many species of fish in rivers, lakes, seas, but since I met the art of fly-fishing, I have quit all other types of fishing. Maybe because this is the most beautiful fishing style in the world in which I fell in love. During my fishing trips I've had the opportunity to visit unforgettable places on various rivers in the world. Fly fishing, especially for trout, I think is the most glamorous fishing in the world which brings unforgettable memories and emotions. I guess most of you who currently read this text, are passionate fly-fisher as I am.  I also adore nature and its resources, so I like to practice "catch and release". For me, this idea has a great meaning in fly-fishing.

Yours, Mike!..

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